Barry Pilkington, Sales Enablement Leader


Following are comments and testimonials from a variety of situations:


“From the time Barry joined the UT Sales Operations team, he brought a wealth of experience and ideas to this new role and in a very short time he was able to design and implement a new sales training plan and certification program. This was accomplished on a minimal budget and against aggressive timeframes. Barry is excellent at building relationships with field sales teams and senior management, can articulate his ideas clearly and is very knowledgable and comfortable teaming with third party vendors. He can navigate the politics and interests of multiple stakeholders and has demonstrated strong capabilities in a coporate communications role. Barry would be a strong asset to any training, education, executive development or corporate marketing team."

Mark S.


“When UTStarcom hired Barry as its first Sales Training resource for International operations, his experience and skill set was exactly what we were looking for. Extensive experience in high technology sales organizations gives Barry a deep, well-stocked toolbox to work from. He knows how to approach the problem / opportunity / challenge, develop a detailed plan, ensure all parties are on-board, execute flawlessly & effectively, and then assess results. He created infrastructure, process, programs, and capabilities that were nonexistent at UTStarcom when he joined. I worked with Barry quite a bit in his sales training and company communications roles and always appreciated his details orientation, execution mindset, sense of ownership & responsibility, and collaborative work style. He was literally a one-man show that produced like a department of 10. It was my pleasure to be on the same team with him and I would give my strongest recommendation to any company in need of a strategic, multi-tasking, hands-on resource for their sales organization.”

Ed H.


"I had the pleasure of working with Barry for two years, and found him to be a passionate and strategic sales trainer. He makes everyone around him better, and has an amazing understanding of the current development needs of his sales groups, the industry, and business environment."

Bill S. 

Class Faclitation

"I wanted to give you some feedback regarding the class I just completed with Barry Pilkington in Chicago.  This is the 4th time I have been exposed to this information... This was the 1st time I walked away with a very good understanding of this material.

I truly believe this time was different due to the facilitator Barry Pilkington.  He was able to speak clearly and in "plain English".  I can't tell you how happy I was to be exposed to Barry's teaching. 

I just wanted you to know what a great resource you have on your Team!"

Jim K.

Class Faclitation

"Thanks Barry ... I have been here since 1997 and this was far and away the best training I ever gone to. You are an excellent trainer and I really got a lot of the course.

Thanks Again"

Joe V.

Class Faclitation

"Good Afternoon Brian,
I just wanted to take this time to tell you about my experience with Barry Pilkington. I am a new employee with Sprint but have been with Nextel for close to 12 years. I have never had the chance to attend one of Barry's classes before and I can tell you now that I am sorry to say that! Barry has to be the absolute best trainer that I have ever had the pleasure to sit in front of. His methods of teaching go far beyond what I have seen in the past. He is so unbelievably knowledgeable and keeps the class engaged with his knowledge, discussions and experiences.

I thought it was important to let you know how I felt. I will be sure to complete the survey and let everyone know how amazing the class was!

Thank You,

Account Management


I must say that it has been a distinct pleasure working with you these past few months. You have done a far better job than any of the other carrier reps I've worked with in the past...


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