Barry Pilkington, Sales Enablement Leader


Following are samples of some of my past work including video excerpts of public speaking engagements, training materials in a variety of mediums as well as marketing collateral. Please click on each link to access:


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  Public Speaking Video excerpt from a series of major events I planned and produced in support of the launch of Motorola Cellular's "Signature Program" at which I also had a significant speaking role.

 An additional video excerpt from one of the Signature Program launch meetings where I describe an additional video excerpt from one of the Signature Program launch meetings explaining Motorola Cellular's RoadMAP training program to an audience comprised of agent principals and carrier managers.

Print Materials

Printed RoadMAP Training Resource Catalog (United States version) illustrates the depth, breadth and interconnetivity of the RoadMAP training program resources that I am my team had been systematically building since the start of the program 7 years prior to this production.

 RoadMAP newslettertargeted to Motorola cellular channel managers in all markets globally illustrating the common market challenges experienced and the possibility that one global progam, managed by market, can be succesful in addressing those challenges.

 Printed sample of RoadMAP GSM Data Training Guide (European channels, English version) illustrating the use of graphics and simple language to explain what was considered, at the time, complex technology.

 Sample ofRoadMAP Mini-Guide (Latin American market, Spanish version) used at the time to support training on the positioning of specific Motorola handsets within the Motorola portfolio and the market in general.

 Example ofRoadMAP Expose series designed to help sales people think thru competitive product comparisons in the context of the a target market, and the resulring impact of a competitive comparison in the context of the priorities of that target market.

Certification Program Sales Certification program announced with the launch of the UTStarcom Sales Academy. Not only did this create a development path for each of the 3 job functions within sales, but the associated incentives moved the responsibility for training participation and completion away from the organizatoin and unto each individual participant.

Web Based Examples (screen shots) of the extranet site created as focal point of the UTStarcom Partner Sales Academy. Site is password protected, with specific levels of access granted to each individual based on their role and contractual agreement with UTStarcom.

 Excerpt from a recorded webinar, edited for posting to the UTStarcom intranet or extranet for use as a low-cost and immediate option for creating on-demand web-based learning. Notice the addition of navigatable chapters and the active quiz at the end which allows completion tracking.

Video Production StarTAC Launch video designed to introduce the many unique attributes of this ground-breaking product independent of the spoken word so that it could be used in any market globally.

 StarTAC Instructional videoStarTAC Instructional videodesigned to guide either the end user or the sales person through the operation and benefits of this phone in a way that helps the user conclude that the phone is feature rich as well as intuitively easy to use.

 Motorola Quality Story told by visuals and music (without spoken story line) to tell this story in way that could be used by all global markets to help differentiate Motorola products.


Cellular Basics Video produced for Motorola in the early 90's. At the time, we had not yet evolved to the point of using the web (internet, intranet or extranet) as the access and distribution vehicle for video or print materials. So videos like this were produced and distributed via VHS cassette to compliment the live training efforts of Motorola staff, or to create a local self-study package for the carrier/agent sales person when provided as a part of the RoadMAP Training Center.

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